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IntelGenx has a Long History in Transdermal Development & Manufacturing



Group 70

Leader in Pharmaceutical Films

Group 69

Fully integrated solution provider for Drug-In-Adhesive transdermal products

Group 67

Experience with many transdermal products, such as clonidine, estradiol, nitroclycerine and beta-blockers



Transdermal Technology Value Proposition

Addressing Chronic Diseases and Older Populations Needs

Growth in chronic disease prevalence and an increasing geriatric population are resulting in an increased need for transdermal medicines.



 Prolonged duration of action

 Group 76 

Reduced frequency of dosing 

 Reduced adverse effects




Transdermal Market Is an Attractive Niche
Driven by North American Segment with Revenue of US $3.2 billion


Global Transdermal Patch Revenue (Million USD) and Growth Rate (2014-2019)

Group 70

Market Share by Region (2019)

Group 69

Drug-In-Adhesive Patch
Versatile, Controlled and Predictable Drug Delivery System


Group 70


Group 77  Controlled & predictable drug delivery through the skin

Group 77  High loading drug capacity

Group 77  Single or multilayers design

Group 69


Backing Solvent-casted foil
Drug-in-adhesive Dispersed drug, polymers, plasticizers,
penetration enhancers, etc.
Release liner  Siliconized or fluoro-siliconized polyester film

Service Portfolio


Group 70
  • Formulation
  • Permeability & Solubility Study
  • Analytical Method Development
Group 70
Clinical Trials
  • CTA & IND Applications
  • CRO Assistance
  • Trial Monitoring
  • Data Analysis
Group 70
  • 70+ Patents & Applications
  • Patented Products & Technologies
  • Patent Filings
  • Freedom-to-operate Opinionst
Group 70
  • State-of-the-Art Manufacture
  • Full Scale Manufacturing
  • Finished Product Testing
  • Cost Effective
Group 70
Regulatory & Quality
  • Dossiers in Multiple Territories (EU, US)
  • Compliant to ICH, GMP & ISO
  • Health Canada Approved Mfg Site

Transdermal Development & Manufacturing
Integrated Offering

  • Significant formulation development experience focused on drug-inadhesive patches
  • Single and multilayer patch capabilities
  • Pilot scale equipment ready for solvent based transdermal patches and commercial coater installation by end of 2020

Ralph Yeung LAS8697 1

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Film Manufacturing Facility


Ralph Yeung 8     Intelgenx Transdermal3    
17,000 sq ft facility in Montreal fully GMP compliant
Health Canada certified – Drug Establishment License (DEL) obtained in December 2017
Manufacturing highly scalable using
existing space
Committed to:

Reducing Costs
Accelerating Processes
Mitigating Risks

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Transdermal Delivery of Cannabinoids
Fast Track Development Program

  • IntelGenx has extensive experience developing & manufacturing THC & CBD drug products
  • Transdermal cannabinoid product presents many advantages
    • Ease of administration for flexible release of THC and CBD
    • Ability to decrease cannabinoid time-to-onset and increase duration of action
    • Continuous release of cannabinoids to allow for all-day effect
    • Discreet administration
  • Low competition and high margin for transdermal delivery



Experienced with Controlled Substances & Cannabis


Group 85 

IntelGenx holds:

  A Narcotics License
  A Precursor License
  A Cannabis License

 Group 85 We can export to the U.S.
• Possibility to export products containing controlled substances of Level 3 and below
• Export quantities of products containing controlled substances not limited by DEA imposed quota for Level 3 and below