Multilayer Tablet Technology, VersaTab™

VersaTab™Due to low manufacturing costs and ease of administration, tablets continue to be a preferred dosage form for controlled-release applications. Controlled-release tablets are oral dosage forms from which the active is released over an extended period of time (up to 24 hours) upon ingestion. This allows a decrease in the dosing frequency and a reduction in peak plasma concentrations, thereby improving patient compliance and reducing the risk of undesired side effects. Conventional single layered tablets have been traditionally used to deliver active molecules into the blood stream. However, these conventional single layered tablets present less than optimal delivery characteristics such as non-linear delivery profiles of the active ingredients, which can potentially lead to higher side effects. IntelGenx has developed a multilayered technology which eliminates most of the inconveniences of the single layered tablet and offers wide-ranging flexibility.

Advantages of IntelGenx’ VersaTab™ Technology

  1. Linearization of the release profile using controlled erosion of inactive cover layers
  2. Multiple actives with independent release profiles
  3. Separation of active ingredients - avoidance of chemical incompatibility in fixed-dose combinations
  4. Cost-effective manufacturing
  5. Suitable for a wide range of API’s
  6. Improved patient compliance due to reduced dosing frequency
  7. Broad patent coverage


Comparison of Release Profiles From VersaTab™ and Conventional Matrix Tablet