INT0007 is a tadalafil film and a new product opportunity formulated using VersaFilm®, IntelGenx’s proprietary thin film technology. Tadalafil is one of the three major PDE5 inhibitors in the erectile dysfunction market. Compared with the competitors, tadalafil shows longer duration of action and less food effect. IntelGenx’s tadalafil film offers an improved discrete dosage form that does not require water intake. IntelGenx tadalafil film formulations have been tested in various clinical trials to improve the pharmacokinetics and optimize the formulation. The latest formulation successfully demonstrated bioequivalence to the Cialis® tablet in a pilot study. Tadalafil film’s development program targets launch readiness ahead of Cialis® patent expiry, which could lead to tadalafil VersaFilm® being the first competitor to Cialis® tablets. IntelGenx is currently looking for a partnership or alliance opportunity to complete development and commercialize tadalafil VersaFilm®.