Business Development

At IntelGenx, partnering is integral to our business model and success. Our aim is to build strategic and productive partnerships that address unmet medical needs.

We invest tremendous time and resources in ensuring that our collaborations are successful.


Our focus, expertise, creativity and responsiveness in oral film development enables us to offer our partners a full range of services that deliver high quality and cost effective products.

We offer full service capability to foster the growth of our partners:

Why Partner With IntelGenx?

IntelGenx has a proven track record in identifying and consummating partnerships that create significant value for all parties. We recognize that each partner and opportunity has unique needs and challenges that must be addressed prior to entering into a deal. IntelGenx strives to ensure expedient execution through flexibility, creativity, and perseverance.

In addition to its corporate culture, commitment to partnering, and perspective on deal-making, IntelGenx believes it is a great partner due to the following attributes:

  • Clear corporate strategy that is focused on select therapeutic areas
  • Proven R&D capabilities
  • Experience navigating through complex regulatory approval processes
  • Full service and global development capabilities
  • Highly professional and experienced teams

Building alliances with complementary partners underlies our mandate of sustained accomplishment and success.